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We proudly offer 100% organic fruits that are as local as seasonally possible. We prioritize items from the smallest and most local farms before carefully offering more varities based on quality and seasonal availability.

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Tomatero Organic Farm
$4.89/6 oz
Del Bosque Farms
Gold Pineapple MX
La Conquista Organic Fruits
Golden Bosc Pear
Viva Tierra
Granny Smith Apple
Starr Ranch Growers
sold out!
Green Sdls Grapes
Air Chief/ Sun Pacific
Hass Avocado
Marasalisi Organics
Hosui Asian Pear
Homegrown Organic Farms
Jujube (Packaged)
Rock Front Ranch Products, LLC
Kiett Mango
Ava's Mangos
Kiwi Berries
Ladybug / Organically Grown Company
$4.89/6 oz
DOC'S Organics / P&T Enterprises
Limes MX
Covilli Brand Organics
$2.39/Half lb
sold out!
Overripe Bananas
$2.79/for 4
Homegrown Organic Farms
$6.19/6 oz
Ruby Grapefruit
Hyde Ranch
Smitten Apple
Daisy Girl Organics
Tomatero Organic Farm
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