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Recipe: DIY Make Ahead Starbucks Feta Wraps

Serves: 6
Source: Hungry Hobby


6 whole grain tortillas 10 inch minimum is best!
10 cups fresh spinach
sprinkle garlic salt
1/3 jar roasted red peppers
3/4 cup whipped cream cheese
2 cups liquid egg whites
3/4 cup crumbled feta
6 tbsp sun dried tomatoes
avocado oil cooking spray
saran wrap


1) Pull tortillas out of the fridge for 15 minutes before you start, or microwave them for 10 seconds each (otherwise whole-grain tortillas tend to break when rolling them up.) 
2) Sauté 10 cups of fresh spinach sprinkled with garlic salt in a greased medium in a nonstick pan until wilted.
3) In a small skillet sprayed with cooking spray, cook 1/3 cup egg whites at a time making thin omelets. You’ll repeat the process six times. 
4) Spread two tablespoons of cream cheese across each tortilla. Assemble your burritos, add to the center of each tortilla: 1/6 of spinach mixture, one tablespoon chopped roasted red peppers, one mini egg white omelet, two tablespoons feta cheese, and one tbsp sundried tomato. One trick I found that worked well was to place the omelet in the center, all the other ingredients in it, then fold it over before rolling the burrito.  
5) Roll your burritos and then wrap them in parchment paper. Store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
They are delicious as is, and you can reheat them using the microwave at this point, but I do like to crisp them on a pan before serving. Crisping them makes them more similar to the Starbucks version. To crisp them, spray your pan with cooking oil and heat the burrito on medium-high until golden brown crisp forms on each side (about 1-2 minutes per side).
To Freeze:
FREEZER TIP: Wait till all ingredients are cool before rolling burritos. This will prevent excess moisture from getting trapped. Roll up the burrito directly on your parchment paper and then roll the parchment paper around the burrito. Date and place in the freezer immediately. If you are going to eat your burrito right then, I suggest rolling it and setting it on one of your greased skillets to brown each side and help it stay together.  
To Serve From Frozen:
Microwave burrito wrapped in a paper towel for 2-4 minutes or until everything is hot and steaming! It's best to flip the burrito halfway through cooking. If you like, you can brown it at this point on the skillet or just eat up. I find that once the burritos have been frozen, they stick together nicely and don’t need to be browned unless you want a little crunch!

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