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Always Organic and Local as Seasonally Possible

This Week's Seasonal Availability

Clementine Mandarin
Red Potato
Red Radish
Green Chard
Red Bor Kale
Gala Apple
Arkansas Black Apple
Hass Avocado FT (MX)
Banana FT (MX)
Blueberries (Packaged)
Deglet Date (Pitted)
Star Ruby Grapefruit
Meyer Lemon
Lime (MX)
Ataulfo Mango (MX)
Moro Blood Orange
Cara Cara Orange
Gold Pineapple FT (CR)
Strawberries (Packaged)
Red Beets (Loose)
Baby Bok Choy
Purple Baby Broccoli
Purple Brussels FT (MX)
Green Cabbage
Cucumber FT (MX)
Colossal Garlic
Globe Eggplant (MX)
Romaine Hearts (Packaged)
Crimini Mushroom
Green Onion
Yellow Onion
Jalapeno Ppr FT (MX)
Purple Passion Potato
Baby Spinach (Packaged)
Baby Spinach (Packaged)
Scarlet Turnip
Zucchini FT (MX)
Pea Shoot (Packaged)
Jujube, Dried (Packaged)
White Onion
Poblano Ppr FT (MX)
Red Turmeric
Bacon Avocado

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A great array of healthy organic fruits and vegetables for one person, each week.



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We visit businesses each month to discuss the benefits of organic food and eating healthy. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and custom-build a program to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you want to try organic samples for all your employees or organize a company wide health and wellness fair, we are here to help.
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